First-ever NEVI-funded EV charger placed into service

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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was enacted on November 15, 2021, promising that $5 billion would be spent installing electric vehicle chargers across the United States.  Now, after more than two years, the first four EV chargers have been placed into service.  Where are these EV chargers?  What kind of charging plugs do these first four EV chargers have? What does it cost to use the chargers?

These first-ever EV chargers from the $5 billion fund are located at a Pilot truck stop in London, Ohio.  If you click on the web site for this truck stop, you will see that it does acknowledge the existence of the four EV chargers, but the web site does not say what kind of charging plugs they have, nor does the web site say which EV charger company operates the EV chargers.   But if you are persistent, you can eventually stumble upon the name of the EV charger company, namely EVGo.  The web site of EVGo has a “find a charger” page, but that page does not actually find chargers.   It merely suggests that you download an app to a mobile phone to try to find a charger.   Clicking around a lot in the EVGo app eventually reveals that there are two kiosks, each with two charging plugs.  If you use one of the charging plugs, and if the other charging plug for that kiosk is not in use, then you can charge at up to 350 kW.  If both plugs of the kiosk are in use, then the fastest that you could charge is 175 kW.

And yes, as you may see from the screen shot above, the plugs are CCS1 plugs.  Charging costs 59¢ per kWh.

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