Ruby Road Tesla Supercharger has been upgraded for non-Tesla vehicles

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The Tesla supercharger at the base of Ruby Road in Silverthorne, Colorado has been upgraded to provide “plug and charge” for all non-Tesla electric vehicles that are able to use a NACS adapter.

Those who drive non-Tesla EVs are well aware (see blog article) that not every Tesla supercharging station is able to provide high-speed DC charging.   Older so-called V2 charging stations are of no use to those who drive non-Tesla EVs.  But even if a charging station is one of the newer so-called V3 charging stations, you cannot be sure you will be able to charge your non-Tesla EV.  the charging station needs to have had its software upgraded to support “plug and charge” for the charging to work.

And the news is that the Tesla V3 supercharging station at the base of Ruby Road in Silverthorne, Colorado has had its software upgraded.  Owners of Ford and Rivian EVs can now charge at this supercharging station, using an NACS adapter.  This station offers eight kiosks, with up to 250 kW of charging speed.

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