How many of the promised 30,000 charging kiosks have the seven carmakers installed?

In July of 2023, seven car makers (BMW Group, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz Group and Stellantis) announced (blog article) that Real Soon Now they would install thirty thousand EV charging kiosks.  The title of this blog article says it all:

How many of the promised 30,000 charging kiosks have the seven car makers installed?

The answer is zero.    Not one of the 30,000 promised EV charging kiosks has been installed, as of April 2024.

The seven car makers have given a name (blog article) to the entity that will install the 30,000 EV charging kiosks — Ionna.  And the entity has a web site.  As best I can see from clicking around on the web site, it is content-free.

Urging the Federal Highway Administration to get the right answer on federally funded charging plugs

On February 28, 2023 the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) picked CCS as the type of DC fast charging plug that would receive $7½ billion in federal funding.  After that, every US car maker and every provider of DC fast charging services announced that they would migrate to NACS (Tesla-style, also called J3400) charging plugs.  Now the FHWA has requested comments as to whether the $7½ billion should continue to get spent on CCS plugs, or whether the money should go to J3400 plugs.  As of today, 62 comments have been filed, nearly all of which say that the correct answer is “J3400”.  One of the comments has a far higher word count than any of the others, and you can see it here, archived here.

Owners of Rivian EVs can now charge at Tesla supercharging stations

On June 20, 2023, Rivian announced (blog article) that Real Soon Now the owners of Rivian EVs would be able to charge at Tesla supercharging stations.  Now, after a passage of more than eight months, there is progress.

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Which vehicles does this apply to?   The Rivian vehicles to which this applies to are the R1T pickup and R1S all-electric SUV.  Each of these vehicles has a CCS1 charging port at the left front of the vehicle, behind the left front wheel.  Each of these vehicles needs an adapter to be able to charge at a Tesla supercharging station.  The adapter permits a Rivian EV with a CCS1 charging port to charge using a Tesla supercharger NACS (J3400) charging plug.

Avoiding incompatible Tesla superchargers.  It turns out that only some Tesla superchargers can be used with this adapter for fast DC charging of Rivian EVs.  The charging works only at (newer) V3 superchargers, and does not work at (older) V2 superchargers.   (See this blog article that discusses the differences between V2 and V3 superchargers.)  As a fun fact, one way that a person can figure out whether they are looking at a V2 or V3 supercharger is by looking at the charging plug.

V2 supercharger V3 supercharger
works for Rivian EVs no yes

As of right now (March 2024) the number of V3 charging kiosks in the US is about 15,000.  For the owner of a Rivian CCS1 EV, the use of this adapter approximately doubles the number of places where the owner can accomplish fast DC charging.

This brings to two the number of makes of non-Tesla CCS1 EVs that can charge at NACS Tesla supercharging stations (see canonical list).