Wyoming proposes to phase out new electric vehicle sales by 2035

You could try to make up an astonishing story and you would not be able to make up this one.  A bill pending before the Wyoming state legislature proposes to phase out new EV sales by 2035.

You can read Senate Joint Resolution number SJ0004 here.

Among other things, this bill directs the Wyoming Secretary of State to:

transmit copies of this resolution to the President of the United States, … the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, … and the governor of California.

Annual fees for EVs in Colorado

I recently renewed the car registration for my Tesla vehicle.  One of the charges tacked on to the annual registration fee is a “registration electric vehicle fee” of $51.88.  This is, I gather, intended to make up for a portion of the money that I do not pay to the State of Colorado through gasoline taxes.

It seems that the State of Colorado plans to charge even more money for EVs.  The State plans to charge an annual “Electric Motor Vehicle Road Usage fee” for each EV as follows:

  • 2023 – $4
  • 2024 – $8
  • 2025 – $12
  • 2026 – $16
  • 2027 – $26
  • 2028 – $36
  • 2029 – $51
  • 2030 – $66
  • 2031 – $81
  • 2032 – $96


Other sort of annoying nickel-and-dime fees include:

  • 22¢ as a “material fee” for the “year” sticker that will get mailed to me, and that I will apply to an upper corner of the rear license plate.
  • $4 for a “clerk hire fee” which I suppose is meant to make up for my having deprived some clerk of being able to earn a living selling the renewal sticker to me in person at a county DMV office (I did my renewal online).
  • $1 “convenience fee” for paying the annual registration fee as an ACH debit from my checking account.
  • 50¢ as a vague “insurance fee”.
  • 50¢ for “Emissions – Statewide Air Account”, whatever that is.  Given that my car is an EV and does not generate “emissions”, this seems unreasonable.
  • 10¢ for “Motorist Insurance Database Fee”.  I guess I pay a dime for the privilege of having my license plate information entered into a database.