Truck stops are adding EV chargers

This is actually sort of a “duh” news story, but it needs to be said.  Yes, truck stops seem to be smarter about this than ordinary automobile gas stations.  Truck stops are nowadays pretty methodically doing what it takes to install high-speed EV chargers.  This includes the well-known nationwide truck stop chains Pilot, Flying J, Love’s Travel Stops, and TravelCenters of America.   (See Pilot/Flying-J web site discussion of EV charging, Love’s Travel Stops web site discussion of EV charging, TravelCenters of America web site discussion of EV charging.)  Of course it is not easy.  It is always a challenge getting the local electric company to provide several megawatts of electrical power to the site.  Some local electric companies treat this as an opportunity to gouge the customer in terms of construction costs for bringing the power to the location.  Not only that, but local electric companies in many jurisdictions have worked it out with their state public service commissions that so far as commercial customers are concerned (as distinguished from residential customers), they can charge whatever they wish for electricity, and they can charge lots extra for electricity at whatever time of day they wish to charge lots extra.

This can lead to a situation where it is very difficult for the truck stop company to figure out how to price the EV charging service and not lose money.    The likely prodigious one-time cost to bring in the electrical service must somehow be amortized, and the likely prodigious ongoing cost of the electricity must somehow be covered.

But even in the face of all of this, all of the truck stop companies are looking in a clear-eyed way at a future where the number of EVs on the road will only increase as time goes on.

The one automobile gas station chain that is also being smart just now about installing EV chargers is Kum and Go (company web site discussion of EV chargers ).

Most ordinary automobile gas stations have not done anything about the advent of the EV.

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